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Halloween 2022 | Just a Bunch Of Hocus Pocus

Updated: Mar 18, 2023

Captain’s Log

I am pleased to report that the entire crew took advantage of the gorgeous weather over the weekend. We are all still in awe of the temperature as of late and are doing our best to maximize this incredible fall. If it keeps up into next week I may break my own rule and put up the Christmas lights before November 12th. I hate to do it before Remembrance day but the idea of doing it and not freezing my ass off is pretty appealing.

Number 2 is feeling his age post mountain biking this weekend. He apparently took flight and did not stick to the landing. Poor guy has a sore shoulder. The Duchess showed a rare moment of charity and offered to put her extensive Grey’s Anatomy surgical skills to good use, but he declined. I don’t want to jinx it but I get the impression he may actually seek real medical advice.

The Duchess lodged a formal complaint with HR yesterday and was hesitant to allow me to drive her to town with her friends for Halloween. Allegedly I was “beyond embarrassing” on Sunday when I drove her and some friends to volunteer. According to her, she’d rather throw herself out of the moving car than have to listen to my singing voice ever again. She also noted the secondhand embarrassment she suffered due to my “horrific” dance moves. She’s submitted another formal request for a therapist, sighting childhood trauma that must be treated.

Relic reported a fun-filled weekend. Our boy the joiner made sure he participated in all the Halloween festivities offered both on and off campus. Judging from the 2 A.M photos sent to the family group chat, I’d say he gets a gold star for his efforts.

I did get a rather panicked call Sunday morning from him that made me laugh out loud. He had used temporary tattoos as part of his costume and discovered rather quickly that they don’t come off with just soap and water. I thought really hard about letting him suffer through a week of shitty neck tattoos but took pity on him and told him how to get them off.

Mom Tip! Using rubbing alcohol or nail polish remover will take off those temporary tattoos like magic.

The entire crew is looking forward to Relic coming home this weekend. The forecast is looking great so Number 2 suggested we do something fun together. He’s thinking that the kids would love to go for a family hike together and knows that nothing brings me more joy than dragging miserable teenagers through nature. Looks like it's already shaping up to be another great weekend.

A Captain's Blog is a real-life millennial mom's account of parenting teenagers and navigating a busy family life with honesty and humour. I'm a digital creator who loves to inspire, empower and connect by sharing my personal experience. I am a serial entrepreneur, and social media marketing maven who would love to have you along for the ride.

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