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Teenage Driver -Road Trip!

Updated: Aug 23, 2021


Monday, July 26th, 2021

The Crew seems to be sailing through summer at a comfortable pace. Everyone except the Duchess is back to work. I’m not sure how she’s managed to avoid getting a job but she’s doing it with exceptional skill.

I do wonder what it is about that second child that allows them to coast under the radar like that?

Seeing she has an abundance of free time I tasked her with mowing the lawn and to say she was less than thrilled at the prospect of any manual labour would be a gross understatement, luckily we aren’t typically moved by her lack of enthusiasm. I have reported on multiple occasions on her aversion yard work but this time it was next level. She drove that mower like she was racing in the Daytona 500, the faster she could get it done the faster she could retire to her bat cave. I applauded her driving skills, however, her actual lawn maintenance skills were less than sub-par. I can’t decide if she’s an evil genius or truly the worst gardener on the planet, either way, I cut the lawn today deciding that I could no longer handle the crappy job. I have tasked Number 2 with coming up with some new chores for her this week so we shall see what he comes up with.

The Duchess continued to surprise us this week and left her cabin twice, once even spending the night at a friend’s house. Unfortunately, she was mistaken once again and forgot this shipwreck is not a cruise ship. She felt it necessary to file another complaint with the concierge service on board because apparently, I failed to pack her luggage correctly. When suggested that perhaps she plan a little more accordingly in the future she responded with;

“ Sorry I require basic hygiene "

Clearly forgetting her toothbrush qualifies me for worst mother of the year and therefore I should start writing my acceptance speech as soon as possible. Despite remembering to pack her jammies, phone charger, book, clean socks, a new outfit and making a second trip into town was not deserving of a Thank you. I don’t think she’s going to leave my services a glowing review on Yelp.

Relic ventured out on his first road trip with his newly minted licence this weekend, heading up north to the Stowaway’s cottage. I never imagined what a brutally hard decision allowing him to go would be. He had never driven for more than 2 hours before, nor had he had much experience on busy highways. Number 2 and I waivered back and forth for quite some time, going over routes, weather, and possible scenarios he could encounter before we agreed. The rules were long and perhaps a bit intense but I’m thrilled to report he did a fantastic job and both he and my car came home safe and sound. The only downside is that Number 2 and I were left car sharing for the entire weekend. I’ve spoken to other parents and this appears to be what my new normal will look like and I need to accept my fate. Despite the fears and expenses, we couldn't be more thrilled about his newfound independence. I remember that first summer I had my licence, it was pure magic.

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