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Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow.

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

Captain’s Log

September, 9th, 2022

Emotions and anxieties were high this weekend aboard the shipwreck, but the crew of the S.S Shitshow managed to successfully launch Relic off to university. Despite rough waters and uncertainty along the way, we managed to execute a relatively smooth transition. In the final hours, we received the news that the boy would be living in residence, which comes as a huge relief for us because he was more or less homeless heading into his first semester.

After sending out an S.O.S over social media we were blessed with so many amazing options, support and advice for which we are incredibly grateful.

Once we received the full speed ahead on residence the crew managed to band together and got everything needed and packed over the course of the weekend. Packing went smoothly and I am pleased

to report that we did not forget anything. Number 2 did an impeccable job of packing the truck, despite not heeding my suggestion of covering the back with a tarp we got on the road right on schedule. Unfortunately, there was too much faith placed on the weather report and we experienced some heavy showers, fortunately, nothing was damaged.

Driving up to his dormitory waiting to unload I felt a massive lump in my throat and sick to my stomach but I managed to keep it together long enough to help him unpack and snap a few photos. In the end, it was the fussing that myself and the Duchess were making over organizing office supplies that had Relic texting Number 2 to get us out of there. Time was up and we made our goodbyes.

The Duchess was the frist to break, tears were flowing before we even left his room, sweet girl needed lots of hugs from her big brother. Number 2 managed to keep it together until the parking lot, but once he squeezed his boy his eyes started leaking. I made it to the truck, but once we pulled away it became very clear that one box of kleenex was not going to cover the 90-minute ride home. That evening there were a lot of tears (mainly from me), it was ugly.

Monday morning I woke up to raw eyes and a solid emotional hangover. Despite feeling a little lost at the moment the sadness I feel pale in comparison to the excitement I have about witnessing him explore this big wide world.

It’s an intense mix of emotions that comes with this next stage of parenting. On the one hand, I am so incredibly proud of all Relic’s accomplishments, work ethic, and willingness to try, all of which have gotten him to this point. However on the other hand I am so utterly devastated at how fast these last 18 years have gone.

Relic, being the sweet and thoughtful soul anticipated how much we would all miss him over the next year and wanted to ensure that he left us all special little mementos as a parting gift, each one special and specific to each member of the crew.

For the Duchess, he lovingly used her new toothbrush to scrub his sneaker collection clean and insured that multiple days' worth of contacts were littered about their shared bathroom. It was such a treat for her to find her new toothbrush broken in, filthy and left among the optical biohazard wasteland that is his side of the sink.

Number 2 received his truck back after Relic borrowed it for the summer along with an empty gas tank and take-out containers artfully scattered throughout the cab in a manner that he will discover new hidden treasurers for weeks to come.

For me, he sprinkled dirty laundry and glassware around the basement so that in each room I entered I would be reminded of him. He also was thoughtful and left enough trash under his bed so that I wouldn’t have to feed the wildlife living in his cabin for quite some time.

Love that boy!

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