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Saturday, April 25th 2020

Captain’s Log

Glorious day aboard the ship today. All hands were on deck for the much-anticipated yard work day.

Unfortunately Relic was in the infirmary yesterday evening with an “injured” ankle. So he was moved to light duty.

He was so disappointed that he couldn’t help rake, clear brush, or prep the veggie gardens.

I am happy to report though that around 2:30 this afternoon he made a full recovery. The Dutchess, always my planner, was preparing the O.R for amputation when he made his miraculous recovery.

Seeing she wouldn’t be donning her scrub cap today she and Number 2 focused their efforts on Completing the tree fort. I’m please to report that after almost 4 years in the making the project is nearing completion.

I hope to see it operational by June.

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