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Saturday, January 16th, 2021

Captain's Log

The crew enjoyed this beautiful Saturday soaking up some vitamin D in the backyard.

The Dutchess was definitely in need of some sunshine. She's been spending a lot of time in her cabin and we've become fearful she's turned into a vampire. Very pale, avoids sunlight, bares her fangs- all the classic symptoms.

Relic has been enjoying hiking and building himself a jib park out back. I did have to remind him (as he's prone to broken bones) that it's a pandemic and I do not wish to make unnecessary trips to the E.R.

Risky behavior aside, I have awarded him extra T.P rations for his proactive approach to boredom. Keep up the good work.

We may not be snowboarding right now (I remain ever hopeful) but he will be on his board.

This evening we planned a family fun night. The crew is so pumped. Games, movies, homemade pizza, eye rolls and a box of quality streets.

Full disclosure; the sweets are 100% bribery. I am calling them rewards, has a nicer ring to it.

Looking forward to settling onto the sofa, with a glass of wine and watching my spawn twitch with anticipation of escaping family night.

Luckily I’ve chosen a solid 120+ min movie to torture them with. Tonight’s feature film is The Empire Strikes Back.

Strap in kids, no chocolate until Luke discovers the truth of his parentage.

Before I dismissed the crew, I did remind them that leftovers are wide open unless previously claimed. We don't need a repeat of the panzerotti debacle. (Please reference March 29th, 2020 )

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