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Saturday, November 14th, 2020

Captains log

The crew has been enjoying a spectacular fall season and spending as much time outside as possible before Mother Nature reminded us winter is coming. Fall cleanup has been a family favourite team building exercise. Raking up Apples is usually a sure fire way to get the kids smiling and laughing. Warms my cold heart to see them having fun together.

Relic has successfully completed his first quadmester. With Functions and shop under his belt he’s prepping for next week and the start of anthropology and music. I too am prepping for next week, anxiously awaiting a delivery of ear plugs.

I must remember to buy the delivery drivers something special this year for Christmas. They truly have saved me over the last 8 months.

We are excited for The Dutchess’ upcoming hockey season. Teams have been selected and the ice time had been doubled.

My dream of a world where I didn't have to drive my kids all over for sports has come true, and due a pandemic there are no away games this year. Now I just need to convinced her that I do in fact need a cowbell, so I can cheer louder.

With the less than favourable weather forecasted tomorrow I have planned some fun indoor activities for the crew. A few highlights include cleaning their bathroom and doing laundy. Bonus points will be awarded to the crew member who returns the most missing lunch containers.

Happy Saturday

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