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Sunday, May 9th 2020

Captains Log

Mother Nature clearly didn’t get a phone call from her kids today as she was in a foul mood.

Regardless, Number 2 and I enjoyed a lovely morning together hiking and looking for leeks. Aside from the snow it was exactly what I needed.

To show their love and appreciation today the crew sent me unsupervised to @riversidegreenhouses to indulge in a buying trip.

I love a good dopamine hit one gets from a successful shopping trip. So excited to get planting.

The Dutchess really went all out and spoiled me with a hastily made card and unlimited supply of free hugs. I took full advantage ❤️ Her giving mood was maintained all though the evening and she graciously ensured that my wine glass was never dry.

Once she discovered that 2 large glasses of wine would not get her a new puppy the good humor disappeared. Extra TP rations to her though for the ingenuity.

Relic and Number 2 cooked up a beautiful homemade pasta dinner with fresh leek pesto sauce and lemon chicken.

While cleaning up though there seemed to be some confusion as to who would be enjoying the leftovers tomorrow.

It appears the crew has forgotten the pecking order around here. I have reminded them.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the different types of Mommas out there. ❤️

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