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Tuesday, May 12th 2020

Captain's Log

I have moved the crew into the advanced training program today. The first mission was to clean their cabins.

The rules were simple; crew member with the cleanest room would win one pandemic treat. Bonus points can be awarded for most attention to detail, as well overachievers can also force the loser to watch them enjoy their delicious snack if they so desire.

I am happy to report Success rate was very high and I am preparing for stage 2; Bathrooms.

The duchess came out victorious today. Her cabin was Precision clean , the doors wiped down, bunk made, vacuuming done, and all dirty laundry upstairs.

The door cleaning was top level stuff, and I awarded her a can of Pringles as well as extra shit tickets for a job Well done.

Relic however lost. Although, he did an excellent job he failed to make his bed and vacuum the floor, so he’s todays loser. Although I did allow him bonus points for cleaning the garage this afternoon which included sweeping the floor and organizing the winter gear. I have awarded him Flaming Hot Cheetos for initiative as a job well done. After the 24hr penalty he may enjoy them.

Happy Tuesday! .

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