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Welcome to A Captain's Blog, born from a single Instagram post at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic and now blossoming into a vibrant community. As a millennial mom, I've grown this platform from a mere social media snippet to a comprehensive blog that dives into the heart of parenting teenagers. Here, I blend my real-life experiences with insights from seasoned experts, offering a guide through the ever-changing landscape of raising teens.

This blog offers an unfiltered look at the latest motherhood musings and parenting trends – or fads, as you might see them. You'll discover my personal stories, the twists and turns of family life, along with essential survival tips because parenting truly is an art of improvisation.

I'm dedicated to creating a space as comforting and supportive as a pillow fort on a rainy day. It's a judgment-free zone where we embrace laughter, empathy, and shared parenting experiences. Whether you're in search of candid advice, a glimpse into the real lives of parents figuring it out day by day or a platform to share your own stories, you've found your community.

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From its humble Instagram beginnings to the thriving blog it is today, A Captain's Blog – our S.S. Shit Show – invites you on a journey filled with humour and heart. Here, every parent is a crucial member of our crew, each bringing their unique narrative. Together, let's navigate the joys, challenges, and unexpected moments of parenting teens with open hearts. Welcome aboard – we're all on this journey together!

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