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Friday, June 19th , 2020

Captain's Log

The crew and I have taken a trip up north to retrieve the Dutchess. I fear if I didn’t come to collect her she would never come back. Unfortunately, I am not a navigation specialist and the trip was slightly longer than expected. I am happy to report however that no one was left on the highway and we arrived safely.

The Dutchess had the best week with Farmer Morgan and the Foreman. The farmhands idolize her and revere her like she’s The Claw and they are the Little Green Men.

The farmer is constantly surrounded by boys so the novelty of a teenage girl is intoxicating. Predictably she was an absolute delight and incredibly helpful so Morgan and her farmhands believe she can do no wrong.

I can't decide if I’m thrilled that the illusion we have raised delightful, polite and helpful children is still firmly in place or annoyed that all my parenting woes are now believed to be completely unfounded.


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