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Friday, May 1st 2020

Captain’s Log

Amendment to yesterday log, apparently yesterday was the 30th not the 29th. I’ve got to be totally honest though , they were interchangeable really, same day just a different pair black leggings.

Today, the crew was tasked with building new raised veggie garden’s. I was nervous as these high stress situations can cause dissension in the ranks and their pirate tendencies emerge. Thankfully though today was smooth sailing.

The Dutchess promptly informed me of a pre existing condition that excuses her from manual labor

, she’s apparently “ just too pretty to work.” She felt playing fetch with the Powder Monkey would be a better use of her skills.

Relic however rallied like a champion and built me some new raised veggie beds. Number 2 assisted and I provided the team spirit and moral support. They came out beautifully.

I gave Relic an entire roll of Charmin for a job well done.

Thanks Crew .

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