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Friday, September 11th, 2020

Captain's Log

Enthusiasm aboard the ship could not be contain today, both crew members were back in school. Number 2 and I are so thrilled to have them back in a routine.

Today was the Dutchess’ first day of grade 8 and we are so excited for her.

Although she was so enthusiastic to get back to learning I could tell she was extremely sad to see our time at home come to an end. The lovingly way she slammed the truck door in my face as she spied her friends in the school yard really told me she cares. I know she would have loved to kiss me goodbye, but instead was trying to demonstrate good physical distancing skills to the younger kids watching. I bet she has been counting down the seconds until she can come home and tell me about her day in great detail.

I will give a full report soon.

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