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Full House

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

It was a busy week for the shipwreck; it felt a little like Grand Central Station with the amount of traffic coming and going. Relic was home for the weekend, and we hosted two more exchange students for a couple of days, so the ship was sailing at max capacity, as was my grocery bill.

Thursday, the girls were gifted a snow day, so when I headed to work, I left the non-tax-paying members of the ship with a list of chores. Despite their protests that they had to study for their upcoming exams, I could not be swayed, so I left them a detailed list. I wasn’t in the mood to go on a scavenger hunt for all the bowls and spoons in their cabins this week, and with a house full of people, I needed all spoons on deck.

I headed to Waterloo to pick up a Relic for a weekend home so he could pick up some shifts at Blue Mountains. He signed his frist lease, or should I say Number 2, and I signed a lease this week. Pretty exciting; we now have a second home that we will never use but have the pleasure of paying for. Year two is looking like a trail-by-fire adulting for the boy, so he’s filling up the coffers as best he can before then.

The drive to his campus should take under two hours; however, as a card-carrying member of the incontinence club, I had to stop at all the washrooms along the way. I had to remind the Duchess when she repeatedly texted me about my timing that I have to stop so often because of motherhood.

Relic brought home laundry ( no big shocker) but took it easy on me. He only brought home his socks, underwear and a few shirts this time. He tells me that he left the rest at his dorm because-

” Mom, did you know you can wear pants and sweatshirts more than once”

It took everything in me not to scream, “I’ve been telling you this for years!!!” Instead, I smiled, hugged him and told him I was so happy he was home, then casually poured myself a glass of wine…Kids.

Friday night, we tried to watch a movie together, but the kids literally just argued for no reason other than to talk over each other; thankfully, Kake still likes to use subtitles; otherwise, I’d have never known what the movie was about. Another glass of wine.

Relic, never missing a chance to visit the local emergency room, managed to crush the end of his finger while assisting a woman get out of her mangled skis. Thankfully his favourite X-ray tech was at the hospital and the staff had his room ready for him. Every time I take him in I think that this is it, this is the visit I get pulled aside for a chat with child services.

Just one more small glass of wine.

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