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Here We Go Again!

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

Captain’s Log

Tuesday, January 17th, 2023

It’s been a whole week since we took Relic back to school and I have been missing him terribly; the ship is just so quiet without him. Last week, I reported the lack of personal space and now I find myself missing his constant chatter. I have taken comfort in the extra cash I saved at the grocery store and the gas station this week. My visa is grateful for the break before the inevitable onslaught of university charges.

He has reported this week that he and his roommate have the flu, which is allowing me to be ok with the distance.

The Girls had a snow day today, and as per usual, the roads were fine. I swear every time the Weather Network posts an alert they automatically cancel the buses. Today was extra disappointing because yesterday, I ended up with the Duchess home by mid-morning. I obviously made a grave error in mentioning that I would be working from home and how much I was looking forward to having the house to myself. It was a rookie parenting mistake on my part to mention looking forward to” me time” or that my day had any flexibility in it at all. Womb Gremlins can spot any weakness in your plans and destroy them all. Despite her best efforts, I did manage to get all my work done and rage clean a few rooms.

I remained undeterred yesterday by the unenthusiastic attitudes of my girls as I dragged them out for a fun-filled evening of night skiing. I was so optimistic that the beautiful weather that day would make for an equally enjoyable evening on the hill. What I failed to account for was the less-than-favourable snow conditions and my old-as-fuck eyes that hate low light, six runs later, I decided to call it quits.

Fortunately, my night wasn’t a total bust, I did get to say no to buying beaver tails. This, of course, was not taken well, and complaints have been filed against me for being a terrible mother who never indulges her children. All in all, the day felt like a win.

The Duchess is gearing up to host her first high school social, aka party this weekend. Her guest list so far seems way more reasonable than Relic’s small intimate gatherings he would throw with 50 or so of his “closest” friends. Although she tends to be much quieter and less assuming than her older sibling she is still quite aggressively competitive in all categories. If her brother does something her goal is to always do it better. I once found her comparing their report cards, checking off each class she beat him in when he was in her grade. I was both alarmed at what I was witnessing and proud of her ruthlessness to achieve.

This has been a delightful quality of hers since birth, and most of the time,, I find it hilarious, but as we move towards her peak teenage years I’m beginning to perspire.

Stay tuned!

A Captain's Blog is a real-life millennial mom's account of parenting teenagers and navigating a busy family life with honesty and humour. I'm a digital creator who loves to inspire, empower and connect by sharing my personal experience. I am a serial entrepreneur, and social media marketing maven who would love to have you along for the ride. Find me here or embarrassing my teenagers on TikTok.

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