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Mom Life| Things I've has to say sorry for this week

Captain’s Log

Sunday, December 8th, 2021

It’s been a minute since my last report, I’ve been extremely busy, with nothing and everything all at once. Life is historically insane this time of year, with holiday preparation and the ski season looming in the very near future. This year however we have added back in lifted restrictions and therefore have an increase in social engagement and extracurricular activities.

Remember when I reported that we loved the slower-paced life that came with COVID-19, well apparently that was a lie. It appears this crew thrives solely on chaos and disorganization. Number 2 is back to ski season hours and therefore we rarely see him. I just keep reminding myself that it's only 100 days of ski season and we've survived the last 19 years of them, we too will survive this one. The crew and I really miss him, especially his cooking. I am not known for my culinary skills and each year the crew brings forward valid concerns regarding scurvy. I have a plan though, I bought a bulk bottle of vitamin c.

As for myself, I’m back to work full time, managing my offspring's social lives, moving my inlaws, all the while trying to write the next bestseller. The Duchess has a gruelling hockey schedule that has us driving all over the place, and Relic has taken it upon himself to ramp up his teenage shenanigans to ensure that I am never without great content to share. My crew really does love to help keep my mind off missing the hubs by ensuring that I do not have a moment to spare. They are so good to me.

Base on feedback this week it appears I have not been reciprocal in my thoughtfulness and therefore I have had to make many apologies this week for multiple errors on my part.

  1. I purchased the wrong brand of hot chocolate this week and that was extremely triggering for the Duchess because she only drinks Tim Horton’s instant hot chocolate, not the garbage healthy brand I purchased. It was rude of me to make such large decisions without her approval.

  2. I asked the crew to put away their laundry after I washed and folded it. Apparently, this was also triggering to them because they are very busy and do not have time for such mundane tasks.

  3. There was no food in the house, despite the $200 dollar grocery bill that says otherwise.

  4. It was my fault that Tuesday wasn’t also a snow day. Next time it would be helpful for them if I could control the weather.

  5. I asked a question. I don’t even remember what the question was but it was terribly rude for me to show any interest in their lives.

  6. Existing. I let myself be seen and heard while driving the Duchess and some teammates to hockey which was a major faux pas on my part. I forgot that my role isn’t to engage but to solely drive.

  7. Said no. This never goes over well, but this time was particularly traumatic for Relic as he wanted to use my car during what had the potential to be a snowstorm. I realize now that this was my fault for caring about safely over social engagement, very thoughtless of me.

I have made notes on all my transgressions and have told the crew that I’ll try harder next week.

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