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Monday, March 30th, 2020

Captain’s Log

I’m still struggling with being a homeschool teacher, but thankfully my crew has been amazing during this adjustment period.

Number 2 and I have decided on child-led learning;

Today Relic primarily focused on STEM education. He and his group of fellow future leaders went on a 24-hour team-building adventure of a life time.

In this virtual world, they explored coding, building, agriculture, mathematics, and community. A big thanks to @minecraft, you have been a solid investment.

The Dutchess decided today was one for quiet contemplating and meditation. She chose to not leave her room except for essentials. She’s been studying so hard on her medical education, so proud.

We like to finish each day by watching a Riveting, educational documentary. Tonight we explored episode 7 of the Tiger King. Brilliant.

Today’s homework; Did Carol Baskin kill her husband? 400 words, give 3 reasons.

Happy Monday.

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