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Monday, May 25th 2020

Captains log

I am happy to report that the ship and her crew continue to make me proud to be their captain.

I have been back to work part-time for the last 3 weeks now and my jolly sailors appear to be managing really well.

At this point the ship hasn't sprung a leak, so I remain positive as we continue this bizarre voyage.

All crew are present at each morning meeting, they complete their schoolwork (I think, so far no emails from their teachers) and all assigned chores with much success.

They spend their days doing school work, playing with the Powder Monkey, making Tic Toks and raiding the pantry.

Although keeping the mess hall clean still seems to be a challenge for them.

If the Dutchess was willing to take more risks, like using hot water instead of cold she may find herself more successful.

However, Relic has a special talent for missing stacks

of dishes completely. This still continues to baffle me as he can find any hidden snack yet cannot find all his dirty cups.

None the less Number 2 and I are working hard with them on this and we hope to see vast improvement in the weeks ahead.

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