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Saturday, October 24th, 2020

Captain’s log

It’s been a while and I felt I should update everyone of the less than exciting lives of the souls aboard the S.S Shit show.

The crew all had plans this evening so Number 2 and I enjoyed a fancy date at the kitchen island.

Tonight’s meal was foraged in the wilds of a Costco on a Saturday afternoon, and Chef really outdid himself. He showcased the meal beautifully by plating the crackers on the original packing for the cured meat alongside an old Ikea plastic cutting board. I find the aged board really enhances the flavor of the cheese. #followmeformorerecipes

Relic and his gang of pirates ( full disclosure only 3) spent the evening in the garage skateboarding. I’m sure by now they have stolen all the new snacks and are plotting a mutiny as your read this. At least they are being active

The Dutchess has retreated to her cabin as she’s exhausted from a day of spending all my money.

It appears I will not be retiring anytime soon as Sephora bleeds me dry.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend.

Stay healthy. X

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