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Summer Vacation: Exploring Empty Nesting as our Teenagers Live Their Best Lives

Captain’s Log - Monday, June 3rd, 2023

The Duchess and her fellow Marauders embarked on their Royal Tour of England last Saturday evening. Despite my motherly anxieties, she managed to mumble an "I love you too" and evade most of my hugs before taking off. Rolling her eyes at my repeated inquiries about her passport, she made it clear that I was the most dramatic human being on the planet.

Granted, I admit I may have been a bit ridiculous. After all, she would only be away for a month, not off to war. Nevertheless, as my baby, this would be her longest and farthest journey from home. Besides, her generous commanding officers funded this adventure, so she should endure the theatrics.

Once their party checked into the airport and boarded, I eventually managed to calm down—three glasses of wine certainly aided the process.

Since landing, I've received a mere five text messages from her, each shorter than a tweet. We've only been sent one photo and had a brief Facetime call. In short, she's living her best life and doesn't seem to miss me yet. However, I anticipate that next week she will start to feel homesick and begin to miss my credit card. I foresee her requests for money coming in as early as Monday. That's when I will remind her of our deal: one photo and one complete sentence a day via text message. Then we'll see who is the dramatic one!

Back aboard the Shit Show, Number 2 and I are experiencing a glimpse of empty nest life. Relic is working seven days a week at Rad Adventures Camp and The Bruce Wine Bar this summer, so he's hardly ever home. I've tried to advise him to take it easy, but like his fellow crewmember, I'm considered annoying and clueless.

As for Number 2 and me, we're making the most of our newfound "free" time. Surprisingly, we've been doing things together instead of pursuing our own interests. After 20 years of marriage, it's delightful to report that we still enjoy each other's company and share common interests beyond our children.

On Saturday night, we went on a movie date and agreed on the film, devouring the popcorn even before the movie began. Just like in the old days, I complained about a stomach ache on the way home, and he said, "I told you so," as movie theatre popcorn always makes me sick. It was a wonderful evening.

On Sunday, we braved the sweltering heat and went biking without any urge to sabotage each other's tires. Instead, we paused to appreciate the view and snapped a cute selfie together. The best part was that Number 2 didn't even mind my seemingly narcissistic habit of capturing every moment.

couple biking  in Ontario Canada

I mean, if you don't photograph and share it, did it even happen?

Last night, after an evening kayak, I took my first dip in Georgian Bay. The heat these days makes me want to stay submerged forever. I'm praying that Number 2 comes home with a chilled white wine to enjoy on the deck.

Happy summer!

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