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Sunday, January 24th, 2021

Captain's s log

It was my turn to grocery shop , which has now become the most exciting (and stressful) part of my week. Why do some find the directions arrows so difficult to follow? And when did only covering one's chin become proper indoor mask etiquette?

I digress. I'm Trying to focus on the positive.

I was feeling elated with the news the crew will be heading back to school Monday and therefore I went a little wild in the snack aisle. I bought my children's affection with some fudge-covered Oreos as well as Cheetos. The Dutchess smiled at me when she discovered them, made me feel like a winner.

I'm so thrilled to be buying food for lunches again. The best part of my day ( aside from making lunches) is always throwing out good food my womb gremlins didn't eat. Especially beautiful sandwiches, and berries; the more expensive the better.

It always shocks me how my crew can eat the cupboards bare when at home but at school, they are never hungry. Relic is a 16-year-old boy, left to his own device, he'd eat the cardboard box if not supervised. This lunchbox mystery continues to plague me.

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Steve Mcquarrie
Steve Mcquarrie
Feb 04, 2021

I love this and I look forward to reading them. Thank you !


Suzanne Campbell
Suzanne Campbell
Feb 03, 2021

I can’t wait to follow this Blog❤️ it makes me smile

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