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Sunday, July 22nd, 2020

Captain's Log

The entire crew was invited away for the weekend, which was so needed. Anyone else overwhelmed, anxious and exhausted lately? Asking for a friend.

Between Covid, kids, work and trying to maximize the nice weather, I’ve been feeling more than a bit nutty. So, it was nice to literally escape to and island and just disconnect for a couple days.

Seeing it’s been quite a while since we’ve had the opportunity to go away, I decided to use this trip as a way to evaluate the crew on their training this far.

I am pleased to report that I observed all members of the crew preforming at the highest level. I am confident that our cover as normal-ish family is still firmly in place.

The crew remembered their pre-Covid training and remembered to really embrace the ship motto ”fake it till you make it”. They gladly cleaned up, kept eye rolls on the Down-low, made eye contact and used manners.

Best part, once the phone batteries died they played! Swimming, wakeboarding , bonfires and board games. All rounded out with sibling shenanigans.

Very proud of the Dutchess, she managed to get up wakeboarding this weekend and did so with a smile. She also demonstrated excellent negotiations skills. Not only did she get to wakeboard but got ice cream. Best part, she was smiling.

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