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Sunday, June 28th, 2020

Captain's log

Summer is here and the crew is enjoying all that this gorgeous weather has to offer.

Relic was voluntold on Saturday to use his coaching skills and take myself, the Dutchess and the Stowaway on a mountain bike ride. I’m am pleased to report that we all enjoyed our adventure injury free.

The Dutchess was a begrudging participant and made sure we were all aware that a 9am ride was not how she had seen her Saturday morning going.

She complained about the bugs , the hills, the rock and roots , that we went to fast, even when we let her set the pace.

However, when encouraged by her brother she didn’t bite his head off and refrained from killing him when he offered her suggestions. When praised for her hard work and asked if she had fun she said replied with an enthusiastic albeit monotone “yeah.” I’d call that a success and remain hopeful that her fancy ass bike we bought her will see some real use this year.

Relic and the Stowaway really were the top players this weekend, especially with their ability to work together as a team. They destroyed both Number 2 and The Skipper in an extremely competitive game of Bocce Ball. Their ability to dominate on the lawn was impressive, and they preceded to clobber myself and MaryAnne. I Hate losing, especially to my off spring, this loss will sting for a couple of days.

Thankfully after a few hours they decided hanging out with their parents on a Saturday night was lame and they left us in peace. I cannot even begin to tell you what the Dutchess did, but I do know we enjoyed 2 bottles of wine kid free with the neighbors.

Happy Sunday xxxxx

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