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Sunday, May 17th 2020

Captain’s log

I failed to complete my daily update yesterday but it was just so nice outside that I decided to enjoy the day phone free. Day well spent.

This afternoon Number 2 and I happily dragged an overtired crew through the wilderness with a fellow pirate ship and her crew (at a planks distances apart 😁) As predicted once we were out of the truck the crew slowly came around and I would almost dare say they enjoyed themselves.

Post hike hydration and tailgate conversation with fellow sailors was exactly what this crew needed today.

Once back aboard the ship the crew all dispersed to their cabins.

After dinner, everyone played a slightly competitive game of Exploding Kittens.

The Dutchess was destined to be the winner with a coveted victors hand but Number 2 was able to best her with a Killer bluff. As tension grew so did the poor sportsmanship. Accusations were launched, under the table deals were made, and all sense of loyalties were abandoned.

Relic as usual was strong adversary-but in the end Number 2 was unstoppable tonight.

As Relic looked at me and hollered ;why’s she the only one who gets to drink!

I thought to myself, this was a prefect day

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