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Thursday, April 15th, 2021

Captain’s Log

It was a very quiet day aboard the ship today, all crew members were definitely burnt out as this week has been extremely stressful. I am happy to report that everyone is healthy and coping with the new restriction measures as best as possible.

Today marked day 3 of self-isolation for the boy and so far it’s going as well as expected. Relic spirits are ok, he’s definitely lonely and bored. He however put his charm to work and has managed to sweet-talk the Dutchess into smuggling treats into the barracks. Although I’m sure she is keeping track of every good deed, to ensure that once he’s released he will be required to pay up in full with interest.

Despite the profiteering, she has been such an amazing sister over the last few days. Today, in a stand of solidarity, she only exited her cabin to either raid the pantry for snacks or to complain about the lack of snacks.

Her stress levels were pretty high today as there was a small tech problem this morning that was rather distressing. The Dutchess was at risk of losing a 185-day Snap Chat streak due to software malfunctions, very high-level stuff. Thankfully, Number 2 was able to save the day and fixed her phone. Our hero.

I had to remind myself not to give her too hard of a time for the dramatics because I know this is the only form of social interaction she’s getting with her friends at the moment.

Number 2 and I both were quite happy to let the crew do their own thing today because truthfully neither of us had much energy for anything else. So while Number 2 saved the world from zombies, I took a delightful afternoon nap.

Today's mission was all about self-care.

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