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Thursday, April 29th 2020

Captain’s Log

We have been experiencing prime napping weather this week.

In the past, when the crew was young I couldn’t always enjoy a raining afternoon nap as they needed so much more supervision then.

I’m so pleased they have reached the level in their training that I can now set the ship on auto pilot and enjoy more than a 5 minute blink.

I have found over the years that there are 3 things you need in order to have a successful snooze.

1. feed your crew before you sneak off. This will reduce raiding of the pantry while unsupervised.

2. Turn your phone on silent. Inevitably a group chat will spark up the moment you begin to nod off.

3. Practice safe napping and set an alarm. Nothing worse than waking up with a nap hangover.

I hope everyone found some joy in the raining weather this week. ❤️

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