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Thursday, April 29th, 2021

Captain’s log

The last week has been a tricky one for me. The crew are all back to school with online learning and Number 2 is back to work full time, I”m the only one that seems to be floundering. It’s been a tough one. The kids are pretty self-sufficient and proficient with their school and the dog naps all day, so I find myself a little lost.

I would say the overall vibe aboard the ship can be summed up in one word; BLAH.

Mornings are always my best and most productive time of the day but by 1 pm I’m literally at a loss for what to do next. I know I should be writing more but honestly, boredom doesn’t make for great inspiration. Instead, I nap. Religiously.

This overall mood has really beaten me down and I’ve been feeling like a crummy Captain lately. I know we aren’t the only crew struggling right now and I’m trying to find comfort in this fact and to garner some perspective. Nonetheless, it’s been a struggle. I’ve really been beating myself up about my lack of motivation and my general overwhelming feeling of well, being underwhelmed.

I have decided that this week is about self-care and just maintaining the status quo. Like when my crew were tiny and my motto was survival, I need to allow myself some grace and forgiveness.

So today, I made a list of affirmations, mantras or reminders (whatever one wants to call them) to bring things into perspective.

1. Walking to the mailbox counts as cardio.

2.Frozen pizza is the most essential staple next to coffee. Hits all major food groups and the crew will all willingly eat it without complaint.

3.Letting your kids watch 4 hours straight of criminal minds, or paw patrol, is self-care, for them and you.

4.Crying in the shower while the hot water runs out is an excellent form of therapy.

5.Throw away the idea that as mothers we need to be killin’ it daily. That’s some serious bullshit.

6.It’s ok if today you were just an "ok” mom. Somedays your crew is 'ok” as well.

7.Hiding in your home “office” and “working” when you don’t actually have a job is self-care.

8.Wearing the same black leggings to bed that you wore all day needs to be normalized.

9.Not going outside in the shitty weather is fine, toss them an orange and call it a day.

10.Fuck brushing your hair, embrace the top knot, you’re a godamn goddess!

11. Reading a 200-page romance novel is just as intellectual as that 800-page book club bore.

12.Fed is best still applies even if it’s a pop tart or pizza pocket.

13. Nagging your children to clean up their shit is LOVE, that's how they learn.

15. Coffee, anti-depressants, and popcorn qualify as a balanced meal once and a while.

And Remember Always:

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