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Tuesday, April 14th 2020

Captain’s Log

We have some pretty tight rules on the ship, especially around the mess hall.

1. We eat dinner as a family at the table.

2. Never chew with your mouth open if you wish to live.

3. Everyone has to tell us about the best part of their day. No excuses. (Dutchess)

Let me tell you, there’s nothing like heaping side disappointment with your meal.

Number 2 failed to inquire about the best part of my day. Good news is I didn’t know it hadn’t happened yet.

While Number 2 took a nice relaxing hot shower after work. I thought, as his loving and devoted wife that perhaps he might like a cold plunge to sooth his aching muscles. He did.

There is nothing more satisfying then tossing a bucket of cold water unsuspectingly on your spouse. Nothing.

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