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Tuesday, January 12th, 2021

Captain’s Log

Well shit. That escalated quickly. Not that I’m overly surprised, but disappointed none the less.

The crew took the new lockdown update with a quiet acceptance. I am so proud of how hard they are working at school and how well they seem to be managing. Their attitudes have been better than average and for the most part they’ve showed great teamwork.

In terms of duties and general maintenance aboard the ship the crew have chosen the divide and concur Method, each one playing to their individuals strengths to complete the daily task sheet.

Relic tends to be on mess hall duty where the Dutchess would rather walk the powder monkey. At this point as long as shit gets done I’m happy. That being said if we have one more 5 cup per cabin incident again - they will be sent back to boot camp.

After getting my ass kick by @sarahjaneswackhammer in a @fitwellthornbury workout this morning I debarked the ship to run a few errands.

I hit up Foodland to Pick up a few basics; milk, eggs, all purpose cleaner, bathroom cleaner, Clorox , high test hand sanitizer, a chocolate bar. The usual. Things I cannot live without.

I do try to only go once a week but given today’s news I was stress cleaning and burned through some supplies.

I did go a little off list today, went wild and bought some bananas mid week. A ballsy move I know.

Everyone seemed to be enjoying them the last few days and so I figured while I was there I’d grab a few more.

I fear this was a Rookie mistake that unfortunately only time will reveal.

In retail we’d call this reorder “the kiss off death.” Once something sells out you don’t order more unless requested -therefor in a few days I’ll be sending them to the banana graveyard at the bottom of the freezers, hoping one day they’ll make it to muffins, however unlikely.

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