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Tuesday, July 15th, 2020

Captain’s Log

I’m pleased to report that Relic has successfully passed his G1 test and now has his learners permit. His enthusiasm is high and he's keen to get behind the wheel at any opportunity.

I admit I was a bit naïve going into this new stage of parenthood and thought it would be a fun adventure. I am however quickly learning that I was wrong and am now self medicating with very large glass of wine after each session.

It appears life is continuously reminding me that I am destined never to be a teacher. Signed him up for Young Drivers today, money well spent.

The Dutchess is thrilled to have some cooler weather today and has been busy making cake pops. I have been sampling each stage and am confident that they will be delicious.

I was beginning to worry as I’ve managed to shed a few Covid Lbs over the past 2 weeks and was concerned about maintaining my beach body when she's not baking daily.

Glad to have her back in the kitchen, my thighs thank her.

As the sun begins to set my sunburn starts to burn, a perfect reminder of our day off , and to apply more sunscreen after each swim.

Thank you @erindunglinson and @valeriefrod for the great company today, The Dutchess and I needed a good girls day.

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