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Tuesday, March 31th 2020

Updated: Mar 10, 2021

Captain’s log

The ship has been running incredibly smoothly, and I am happy to report we have gone almost 48 hours without incident.

The crew has found a rhythm. Our days are filled with chores, screen time, naps, dog walks, and carbs. It’s been really nice.

But I also know this will not last. And so today’s homework is to review the ship's rules and regulations;

Rules for a happy ship;

1. No chokeholds

2. No biting

3. No use of the word “idiot “

4. No using measuring spoons as nunchucks

5. No eye contact before coffee

6. No interruptions during nap time

7. Leftovers are fair game unless previously claimed.

8. Paper does not go in the plastic bin

9. No chewing with your mouth open

10. Cocktail hour is whenever the Captain says its cocktail hour.

Sleep well, will update you tomorrow.

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