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Wednesday, July 22nd, 2020

Captain's Log

The crew has been enjoying having our nephew Charlie for the week.

Number 2 took him on his first camping trip, and mother nature made sure the Boys had a great couple of days away.

Mark unfortunately forgot his boy scout skills and made the mistake of forgetting to pack the coffee.

I know it makes me a horrible wife, but I'm not so secretly pleased he forgot it. I am always catching his sass for forgetting shit, so I'm sitting pretty smug (and caffeinated) at the moment. Although I'm sure when we go away this weekend I to will inevitably forget something as well.

Glad they had fun, but I'm happy to have them home. We've decided to snuggle up and watch a family movie.

Tonight's feature is the new Pokemon Detective Pikachu. I managed to blow young Charlie's mind with my mad Pokemon knowledge. It's been a while but listening to Relic talk for hours about them when he was little has totally paid off. 📸 @markymark1977

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