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Where do all the socks go?

Wednesday, March 24th, 2020

Captain's log

While the crew did their homework I managed to finish what felt like the last of 20 loads of laundry. I started the process with 12 unmatched socks and although some mates we’re reunited a few new ones went missing. The age-old question of ”where do all the missing socks go? ” still plagues me.

I left Number 2 in charge of the bridge while I headed into town to help with a food drive for our local school. Felt good to head to shore and do something for others. I’m not the best at being at home, and I was beginning to feel restless.

Upon returning back aboard the ship I was pleasantly surprised to find Number 2 had put his masters in electrical to good use and put some pot lights in the bathroom. Although thrilled to no longer have ugly nipple lights up, I had to remind him that I am not his apprentice and therefore it’s not my responsibility to carry his tool bag back to the garage. I will be docking him TP rations for that error.

The crew spent a great deal of time outside today doing yard work. We had to remind the Duchess that she was in fact not on a leisure vessel and that I am her Captain, not the cruise director. Told her to go find her imagination. This went over very well, and I’m thrilled to report her stink eye is coming along nicely.

Relic is making incredible progress on his skateboarding. It’s amazing the level of commitment he continues to put into his passions. If only his English assignment received the same.

As we all know variety is the spice of life and so today I chose to nap on the office sofa. It was an excellent choice. I hope you are all staying healthy and sane.

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