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Applications and Cancellations

Updated: Mar 27, 2023

Captain’s Log

The crew of the S.S Shitshow is now 4 days into self-isolation and everyone is starting to get a bit twitchy. Fuses are short and boredom is at an all-time high. Number 2 is the only one at this point who isn’t sick and therefore is the most restless of us all. Our driveway has never been so clear of snow, he’s been out multiple times daily. I am curious, at what point do I intervene? Or do I even bother at this point?

Relic is on the mend and is anxious to take his test soon so that he may be released from this prison he calls home. I’ve had to remind him on multiple occasions that tomorrow is our 5th day and that doesn’t mean that he’s free tomorrow but that he still has 24 hours of isolation. Needless to say, that hasn’t gone over well, as I’m positive he’s made plans.

We were bummed to find out that all of the Duchess’ hockey tournaments have been cancelled for January, so I’ve had to make some calls to cancel hotel rooms. Despite being pleased to save some cash we are bummed to not be able to escape for a long weekend. This is a testament to my desperate need to get away. I was actually happy to use holiday time to sit in an arena 4 hours away if it meant I got a hotel room and a change of scenery.

Relic officially applied to university yesterday. I was so excited for him but ultimately I am mostly feeling sad for myself. Just one more thing that was not mentioned in any parenting handbooks. What to Expect When You’re Expecting did not prepare me for the anxiety and sadness you’ll feel when your child is gearing up to jump ship. I may have cried some quiet tears in the shower. Don’t get me wrong, he’s ready and I’m so excited for him but selfishly I’m a mess. Thank goodness i still have a few months to wrap my head around this next chapter.

On a cheerier note, there were fewer complaints logged this week than in previous weeks, and given our close quarters, I am quite surprised.

The Duchess filed a complaint against Number 2 for going in to say goodnight. He should have anticipated that she was on facetime with her friends and therefore skipped the goodnight all together. But of course, he did not and now her friends know her father loves her. Total disaster.

Public healths protocols for COIVD-19 are not convenient for the teenager's social life and therefore their rules are obviously my fault. Clearly, I asked them to close schools and limit social interactions because I love nothing more than denying my offspring at any opportunity.

Internet Speed hasn’t been great, apparently, this is something I also control and therefore should be able to fix immediately. The fact that I haven’t has definitely not gone unnoticed.

I suggested the kids go outside for some fresh air and sunshine today, going as far as to ask them to help their father with the driveway. I was given a solid eye roll as a response and justifiably so, I don’t know what caused me to think I was in a position to suggest such ideas. Clearly a lapse in judgement on my part.

It appears I have some things to work on this week. Happy Friday.

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