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March Madness: Family Antics, Medical Escapades, and a Touch of Mead

March 10th, 2024

Captain’s Log

Relic was back again, I drove down to Waterloo last Wednesday to pick him up. I would love to say that it was just a mom missing the chaos (and the content) that her boy brings home with him, instead it was because he missed his favourite XRay tech. It appears it had been too long since he’d seen the inside of the hospital.

The backstory is a tale of youthful exuberance clashing with reality. During the Christmas break, Relic and his adventurous companions embarked on constructing snowboard jumps in our backyard, which ended in an ill-fated encounter with a rail. Despite my suggestions for a medical consultation at the time, his response was dismissive. Yet, the persistence of physical discomfort and the persuasive power of his girlfriend, whom I've grown to admire deeply for her strength and influence, led us down the path to medical intervention. 

As for the medical saga, I am not surprised to report that there is most definitely something wrong with the shoulder, we are just waiting on his MRI to give us the final verdict. Unfortunately, The Duchess has abandoned her medical career, moving towards politics and global relations. This transition has steered our mealtime conversations into thought-provoking “discussions”. I’m not sure if it’s causation or correlation but the more thought-provoking the conversation the more wine I seem to consume. 

Amidst these family dynamics, I achieved a personal milestone in domesticity—a perfect laundry day, with not a single sock missing, elevating my status in the household. I might just promote myself to Admiral at this point, I mean how much higher can one get? Feels like I am crushing it at adulting.

It's with a heavy heart that I must share some concerning signs of Number 2's aging. Lately, he's been showing a growing aversion to technology, particularly struggling with operating streaming services on his iPhone. When I gently suggested that increasing his font size might help, I was swiftly and colourfully instructed to take a hike. I will make a note in his file, but I fear this is one battle I will leave for now. 

My backyard apiary faced a bit of a hiccup with unexpected mouse tenants, but Bee-Yonce, ever the resilient queen, is showing them who’s boss. Unfortunately, her sister hive was not so lucky, the mice decimated everything. Next year I will not be so foolish and will be purchasing mice guards. 

In light of these events, I've decided to dive into the art of mead-making. I'm currently brewing a batch of what I'm calling "Honey Hooch," which I anticipate will become quite the sensation. 

So, March 2024? It’s been a wild mix of family antics, medical escapades, and small victories against the backdrop of everyday life. Here’s to embracing the chaos with a smile and a glass of wine in hand!

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