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Motherhood| A Week In The Life

Friday, March 29th, 2023

Captain’s Log

It’s Friday after what felt like the longest and most unproductive week I’ve had in a while. I was supposed to post this Tuesday, and well it’s Friday so obviously, that didn’t happen.

I admit that I had grand plans to get this shipwreck back in order but my motivation was pretty low and no one loves to procrastinate more than I do. Tuesday I did manage to wash some sheets and run the dishwasher so the week wasn’t a total bust. This place needs some serious TLC, especially after last weekend when the ship felt like a halfway house for other people's children and this weekend is shaping up to be similar.

The Duchess surprised all members of the crew and hosted another party last Saturday night. This one was far tamer than her previous one and I really enjoyed getting to know the kids she’s spending time with. I must admit I felt a little like Kitty from That 70’s Show walking down those basement stairs, seeing them all sitting around with mischievous grins on their faces, and me pretending like I didn’t know they were up to no good.

Relic came home this weekend, needing a home-cooked meal and a shower without having to wear shoes. The boy is struggling with the food offered in the student cafeteria, it’s beginning to get a little beige. He requested anything for dinner last night except chicken, he actually ate fish and a huge helping of salad, so things must be dire.

I’m glad the boy is home as it’s the last weekend we have Kake staying with us. I cannot believe how fast the last four months have gone by. Seriously going to miss her. It's been a very cool experience and I can confidently tell you, teenagers, no matter their place of origin, are pretty much the same.

I had to issue Number 2 a warning this week, “ His” dog was sick and threw up all over the GD house while he was conveniently at work. It was traumatizing, I'm not ok. I haven’t slept in three nights, every time the dog moved I leap out of bed to get him outside. I'm having flashbacks from when our children were infants. Deja Vu in the middle of the night, the baby makes a noise, I’m wide awake and my husband sleeps soundly.

Seriously we should stop saying “ sleeping like a baby” and change it to sleeping like a husband who knows his wife will get up. He's only managed not to walk the plank this week because he brought me home a stunning pinot grigio.

The Duchess, Queen of Complaints, had a few grievances to file today. In the 6 minutes, it took

us to get home from school she had quite the list.

  1. Me singing to “her” music in the car literally ruins the song, every time.

  2. When I failed to anticipate that she would be hangry when I picked her up and didn't bring a snack for the car.

  3. Inquiring into her day was intrusive and screams “meddlesome”.

  4. The off-brand cereal I purchased, it's gross and I'm cheap.

  5. The bus driver has it out for her and always turns the bus heat off when she gets on. Obviously, I’m in cahoots with the driver and plotted to ensure she’s cold.

Looking forward to a weekend with the crew, I’ve curated quite the to-do list and I can’t wait to listen to their disgruntled groans when they see it.

Happy Friday friends, I hope your wine is cold.

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